What do i need to do to prep a session for mix?


Pro Tools


1. Make sure to "Save As" a new session so that you have the original untouched.

2. Open the session you want to send for mixing. Everyone has a different menu of plug-ins for their respective systems so if you are using a plug-in on a track and that plug-in is an integral part of that track please bounce a version of that track with the plug-in. This way, if I don't have that same plug-in, I will have that sound available for your mix. In general, any midi tracks or soft-synth sounds should be printed as audio files.

3. Open Regions List on the right side of your Edit window

4. Click on Shift + Command + U. This highlights any files that are not in use in your session

5. Click Shift + Command + B. Click on Remove. This removes those un-needed files from your session and reduces the overall size of the session folder, which is helpful when it comes time to upload.

6. Clean up any fades or edits

7. Click on File at the top left of your screen. Click on "Save Copy In".

8. Check boxes 'All Audio Files' and "Session Plug-In Settings Folder"

9. Click OK

10. As a destination, save to your Desktop or anywhere else but where the original session resides. Label something distinctive, such as, "My Song for mix". This helps eliminate confusion when uploading later.


Other DAWs


You will need to make 'stems' or 'splits' of the tracks within your session.

A 'stem' for each track is an audio file that is consolidated, meaning continuous with no edits or physical breaks in the file. The key to making stems is each file MUST have the same exact start time. Even tracks that don't occur early in your song arrangement must start at the beginning of your session as an audio file.

This process will retain the timings between all your audio, so it plays back perfectly in sync just like it does in your original session.

Labeling these tracks clearly is also important. This way if there is a problem I can communicate to you exactly what I need. For example, a track called 'snare drum bounce' can be fixed faster than if I said "I'm having a problem with Audio 01-009".


What file format should I record to?


Do you offer revisions 

Yes, 2 free revisions with every song.

What is a revision

A mix revision is a small tweak(s) to a song, which takes under 30 minutes; this includes level, efx and eq changes to the song.

Any revision(s) that is 31 min or more will be billed at the hourly rate of 50/hour, minimum one hour. In the case where the revision takes more than 30 minutes and I need to start billing hourly I will always contact the client first.

Vocal tuning, edits including making clean and dirty versions and adding parts are NOT part of mix revisions.